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What Is the Importance of Logo Design and the Use of Colours?

Momsen Designs - What Is the Importance of Logo Design and the Use of Colours

A logo, as we know is, basically a symbol, an icon or a graphic mark that is used to represent a company or an organization. In a layman’s term, a logo is the face of a company that speaks what the company is all about – its products or services, nature of the work, etc. Whether it is a small-scale, medium-scale or a large-scale enterprise, the need for a logo is very important as it justifies the true identity of the company or the organization in the market.

You can get different types of logos. For example, a web logo can be static or animated, in other words, they may include some kind of movement and graphics to make the logo look catchier. And then you also get print logos as well. A logo can be anything varying from a simple text to an alphabet, the company’s name or a symbol that clearly explains and identifies the company.

It is believed that a company logo should be simple, easy to read and yet very effective so that the target audience can easily grasp the meaning behind it. Moreover, simple logo adds to the brand recall factor.
Since the logo signifies the identity of the company or the organization, ensure that you hire a professional logo designing firm rather than hiring an amateur. It is more so because a logo denotes the corporate identity of your company and is also used as a strong marketing tool to advertise and promote the company across all mediums.

Your graphic logo designers first understand and analyze the company’s business- domain of working, products/services, vision and mission of the company, its objectives etc. A lot of brainstorming is required to produce the exact logo that best suits your business. Also, when we talk about the logos we cannot undermine the importance of colours in it. Colours can easily explain the meaning better. This is because every colour has its own implication and is used to clarify the text better.

Every colour has a separate meaning and therefore it must be used with caution. Any kind of mismatch may dilute the objective and the meaning of the logo. For example:- a website meant for selling toys and gift items for kids generally includes bright and eye-catching colours like red, yellow etc. Here, the red colour is associated with energy and confidence whereas yellow signifies joy and happiness.

How does a Logo Design Visually Defines Brand Identity

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