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What is a Website – And What is a Web Page?

Momsen Designs - What is a Website - And What is a Web Page

It’s going round and round in your head – What is a website? You think you know the answer to that one. But then what is a web PAGE? You just can’t understand the difference – or if there even IS a difference. Yes! There is a difference. Let me explain.

A website is a LOCATION on the World Wide Web. You buy your own ADDRESS from a DOMAIN NAME provider (Afrihost / GoDaddy) – it will cost you approx. R100+- per annum. Your website address or Domain Name can also be referred to as a URL (this is your website link).

When someone types your Domain Name into the address bar at the top of the screen they will arrive at the HOME PAGE of your website. That’s all there is to some websites – just a Home Page. It may not SAY Home Page anywhere on it – but that’s what it is because the page you land on when you type in a domain name is always a home page.

Now, this is where it gets interesting…

I’m sure you have noticed that a lot of websites consist of more than one page. When you type in the Domain Name or URL you arrive at the Home Page and you see links to other pages (About / Services / Products / Contact Us). These additional pages are called Web Pages. They all belong to the same WEBSITE – but each individual page is called a Web PAGE.

So, now you don’t need to keep asking yourself – What Is a Website? – What Is a Web Page? Now that you have cleared those questions up in your mind you are ready to proceed with your online business!

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